Corproate/Public Installations

I had the opportunity to present the process I developed to create the four-panels of the Community Mural involving over 300 people as part of a Pechakucha Night in New Hope, PA. Pechakucha is an international phenomenon that allows a presenter to show 20 images for 20 seconds each…roughly a 6.5 minute presentation.

Thank you for contributing to the beauty of Capital Health – Hopewell with your two beautiful ceramic murals. They enhance our hospital and offers patients, visitors and employees a respite from the difficulties of the day. Whereas medicine can heal the body, art can heal the soul. We thank you for contributing to our hospital the restorative and healing impact of art.

Healing Arts Program Coordinator, Capital Health Medical Center

Your pieces are still beautiful, and still proudly displayed in my office. Many of my patients comment on them. Linda created two wonderful and unique pieces that I display in my psychotherapy office. One is a round medallion that suggests a journey, with a number of subtle and not-so-subtle symbols of the deep work that I do to help my clients on their journey. Patients sometimes ask about it, and in discussing their reactions to it, we learn more about them that is so helpful. Similarly, there is another, an unusual vertical triptych piece that evokes a waterfall, and likewise has some symbolism embedded in the ceramics. The colors are beautifully matched to my office decor, and the artistry is clear. People do not look at them without being affected by them.

Psychologist, Highland Park, NJ

I had the honor and privilege of working with Linda on a few projects, my favorite being the creation of the Metuchen Community Mural “The Seasons”. Linda worked with the same enthusiasm throughout the four-year project, from the very first weekends of mural-making with the community, to the installation of the final section. She organized over 300 members of the community, who in most cases had no experience with clay, to create tiles which she had pre shaped in order to fit in a coherent way. When Linda sets her mind on something she sees it through to the end. From concept to completion, she worked tirelessly, a true artist!

Recreation Director, Metuchen, NJ

I have such admiration for Linda’s ability to engage the public in her art creations and to encourage public creativity within the framework of her overall vision for her work. When my grandchildren were in town, we were able to participate in one of her sessions–making tiles around the theme of peace and togetherness, I believe. The boys really enjoyed the activity. Luckily, I was also available at the launching of her fountain, where we added colored water to watch it flow.

Artist-Resident, Metuchen, NJ