Residential Installations

Hiring Linda was one of the smartest things we ever did; we found her through Studio Montclair which put out a notice that we were looking for a ceramic muralist. We started off wanting two things for our newly renovated kitchen: a series of “fruit and vegetable” tiles to integrate into the walls and a large Tuscany scene for over the stove; she listened to use, came up with a bunch of options and looks and did her thing; the 70 piece over-the stove piece is a source of great enjoyment and conversation since host a good number of dinner parties; the final product was perfect; a while later we did the master bathroom and brought her back in – this time we wanted something free-flowing and whimsical and she knocked us out with several incredible pieces for the walls in the bathroom and bedroom and a wonderful mandela that is the centerpiece of our walk-in shower.

What a great experience – we got to see our work in production at her home studio and would up buying some pieces that we added to our garden!

Homeowners, Montclair, NJ

Linda created a tile back piece for the stove top. Words cannot describe how happy we are to have it and see it every day. Linda asked that I send a tile so that the work would not clash with the white subway tile around the art piece. That is the sign C. Sculptural Tiles of a thoughtful artist. Visitors always compliment it and ask about it. It is a signed piece so visitors know that it is artwork. I encourage everyone to have tile art work done for their homes whether in the kitchen or bath or above a fireplace. Linda’s style is very complimentary to traditional or modern tastes. Linda worked with me for almost a year before the piece was cast. All was done over the internet. I did not have to go to the studio. Linda brought the piece to my home when it was finished and showed me how it went together and gave me a legend for it. The contractor was very happy about that. Local artists deserve our financial support whenever we can do it. Please consider this when doing renovations.

Homeowner, Scarsdale, NY

I have been delighted to work with Linda LaStella and Earthsongs Studio on several projects over three decades. These range from tiles for my Summer home in Bar Harbor, Maine to commemorative plaques with my parents’ initials placed on my home in northern Baltimore County, to wave rosettes inserted into the corner blocks above windows and doors. Linda’s work adds a wonderful touch to the both architecture and interior decoration. It is noticed and admired by myself, my family, and our guests, and upgrades the enjoyment of the spaces where it is placed.

Homeowner, Builder, Baltimore, MD

The Earthsong’s gardenia backsplash is the centerpiece of my kitchen. It’s a very white, compact space and there wasn’t much opportunity to create a highlight. The gardenia, with its purple and green color palette against its own white background, is an eye-catching focus when you enter the room. It encouraged a choice of purple paint for the walls which brought all the colors together. And its placement over the sink is a constant source of delight.

Homeowner, Metuchen, NJ