Working with clay is a relational experience that is extremely important to what I do and how I create.

For me, clay is not merely “the material that I use”, but a genuine co-creator of the objects. I stand as creature with creature in this making process in a very collaborative and feminine approach.

Corporate/Public Installations

“I have such admiration for Linda’s ability to engage the public in her art creations and to encourage public creativity…”

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Residential Installations

“I have been delighted to work with Linda LaStella and Earthsongs Studio on several projects over three decades. These range from tiles for my Summer home in Bar Harbor, Maine to commemorative plaques with my parents’ initials placed on my home in northern Baltimore County…”

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Moveable wall Sculpture

“The works in the mixed media series […] do not quietly hang on the wall to be considered in passing- they throw down a gauntlet and challenge the viewer to engage.”

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Free-Standing & Functional

“Unique, imaginative and beautiful, it is always complimented and admired, the centerpiece of whatever I wear.”

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